Corporate & Team Building

Finding effective and appealing ways to work on team building, personal development and leadership has proven pretty challenging for corporate staff over the past decade. The same old ropes courses, rock climbing, and ice breakers just aren’t very appealing to your employees anymore. And there haven’t been many new things coming out that hold much promise…. until now!

Battlefield Colorado’s dedicated outdoor field and professional staff, along with an innovative urban setting, state-of-the art gear, and realistic team missions all combine together to get your staff right into the mode of interpersonal team development – without hardly knowing it! We can promise that your team will have a brand new experience, and will fully enjoy their time.

Imagine a combination of paintball or airsoft (without the pain and mess), laser tag (without the hokey black lights and plastic vests), video games like Halo and Call of Duty (without sitting by yourself in front of the computer), plus loads of fun. Battlefield Colorado’s team building missions are completely customizable, highly entertaining, full of strategy and camaraderie and they provide a healthy competition that keeps people interested and engaged.

Using our pre and post game briefings, teams are challenged to accomplish various team-oriented missions, and then evaluate their results. The results are almost always surprising, and highly applicable to the real underlying issues at the workplace!

Using an eye-safe infrared light beam, our laser tag gear is state-of-the-art realistic military style and provides adrenaline packed excitement that will be the talk of the company. Our missions are suitable for everyone, regardless of skill, gender, size or age, and we can usually include disabled employees right in the mix.

Call us today to discuss how we can accomplish your goals of improving company moral, team interaction, stress reduction and leadership development. Oh, and did we mention that everyone will have a complete blast while doing so?!