After Prom & Grad Parties

Aside from the likihood that your students will vote Battlefield Colorado the most popular activity at their event, there are few activities that you can have at post-proms and graduation parties that can keep so many people busy and happy at the same time. If your school or rented facility has enough room for our mobile battlefield, we can keep 20 to 40 students all actively engaged in a Battlefield mission concurrently. This means we can accomodate up to 200+ students per hour! Try doing that with a bucking horse, bowling or Karaoke!

Forget your image of the old school laser tag with plastic guns and vests. Using an eye-safe infared light beam, our laser tag gear is state-of-the-art realistic military style and provides adrenaline packed excitement that will be the talk of the night. We run team based missions that are great for novices, and they promote great interaction among the students, deepening the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment that is part of the prom or graduation celebration.

Prom and graduation seasons are very busy, with lots of events crowded into a short time span. Make your reservations today while there is still available space!